Synching Two Roon installations

I have Roon installed at home on a ROCK and also in the office on another NUC running ROCK.
I have reluctantly paid for two licenses. Cuz I love Roon so much!
I have a Synology NAS at home and another in Office. They are synced such that when I add a new Album at home…Voila, it’s there in my office magically.
The magic stops when I add something on Tidal to my library in the office, or make it a favourite… but its not there at home. Is there a way to sync the two Roon libraries…the two databases ? I believe that, they live on the individual ROCKs and not the NAS.

This should work automatically in theory. When I add an album to my Tidal library in the Tidal app it automatically is added to my Roon library. Well the syncing has an interval and takes some time but it does show up. I assume both Roon setups are logged in into the same Tidal account? Have you tried syncing Tidal manually via the accounts tab in settings?

you are misunderstanding my issue. If I add to my favs in Tidal, yes it shows up in both places, as it syncs to both.
If I addto library…Roon Library… or favorite inside Roon, the change only lives on one system

Hi Mark,
I’m unaware of any current capability as described. I’ve shifted the thread to Feature Request for other user comments and support, and to increase visibility to the Devs.

Can you describe what you would like to see synchronised across both Cores ?

Those are two different actions. When you add something to your Roon library (“Add to Library”) it is the literal equivalent of making it a favorite in Tidal (clicking the star in Tidal), and vice versa. So when you do that, that much will sync across both setups because Tidal does that. If that’s not happening, then there is a problem.

However, the Roon library database is local. So if you “heart” something in Roon, you make it a Roon favorite (not the same as making it a favorite in Tidal by clicking the star or adding it to your Roon library), that will stay local on the system where it is done.

Plus, as you get to know and use Roon more deeply, other library customizations you make will not automatically synch over - for example if you change a genre or add a tag to something, or add an artist photo, that will not sync over.

The only way to maintain identical Roon library database copies at two locations is to back up one, and then restore that backup at the other location. This is made a bit easier by using dropbox, but that is a painfully slow process. Best to sneaker-net the backup on a thumb driver or something like that.

Well thank you James. You have succeeded in describing my issue. I have two separate Roon databases living on two systems both operated by one user. I would like a user focused setup, not a system focused setup. when I make a change on one system I would like that change replicated on the other. One login, one database, or the ability to synchronize the two. And I’d also like a price break on the second system, but I’d settle for the functionality. James, you mentioned backup and restore. Perhaps if backups were made to a Roon cloud instead of locally, this would be a step in facilitating both restore and synchronization.

Agreed, and I think Roon is working on something for this. Right now it’s a workaround. I have two locations and I have synched them maybe a dozen times and it works pretty well. The main issue is that you want to use the same storage drive designations. And if your audio endpoints are not identical, you’ll have to reconfigure your zones after each.

This is why I have only synched them 12 times. It works, but it is a little bit of a hassle. Your seamless solution will be great, and I think Roon is working on rolling out some of it, albeit it could be a year before we see it.

was just made aware of this thread. As I’m in the process of considering a 2nd Roon Installation for a different location, being able to Synch 2 Roon installations has become a deciding factor whether I even go with the 2nd installation vs just going back to directly using Qobuz.

The position remains as outlined by @James_I above. Your favourites from Tidal and Qobuz will sync with both Cores, so if you add a streaming album on one Core it will appear on the other. But edits and local albums won’t sync unless updated through backups.