Synchronicing between pc and tablet

I usually operate Roon from a PC and think it is a shame that my tablet is not synchronized with what is seen on the PC
More specifically this screen which is actually crucial

The point of different control points is that they can be used by different people, surfing different parts of Roon at the same time, and then play them to the same endpoint, or different endpoints.

If both control points are set to the same endpoint then the now playing screen will be in sync for all the control points. If you are browsing in an album screen then that is just on that specific control point.

If you want the ability to share/transfer your current browsing screen to a different control point, like you can transfer the music stream between endpoints, then you should post a Feature Request with a compelling use case. I"d be happy to shift this to the Feature Request section, but, you should add your use case and why you think it is crucial.

The pc and the tablet are used to control the same Roon endpoint