Synchronisation quality for linked endpoints

Hi, does anyone know, how precise the synchronization between two linked endpoints is working? Is it good enough to use one endpoint for the main speakers, another one for the subwoofer?


@andreas_sigloch I have the same question.

A large room with six ceiling speakers (powered by three two channel amps) via Airplay 2 (Airport Express). For a test I added a second Airplay 2 system in the same room and grouped the two. After a few minutes they would drift apart…a few minutes later they’d synced up again. Like a scene in a horror movie :slight_smile:

Would installing two Rooon endpoints (one feeding the ceiling amps, another feeding two subwoofers which are some distance from the amps) work well?

I’ve been looking at BOSS 1.2, Kantana, or the PecanPi.