Synchronise the look & feel of the "Artists" and "Composers" view with the "Albums" view

The Roon UI-design is not quite coherent when it comes to presenting the “Artists” and “Composers” view as compared to the “Albums” view.

While the “Albums” view gives a nicely blended square preview (18 Albums per page on a iPad Air), the “Artists” view has some “not-so-nice” grey boxes below the artist’s picture and presents only 15 Artists per page. The “Composers” view is slightly different again, resembling somewhat more the “Albums” view, but again only showing 15 items per page.

Please present “Artists” and “Composers” in the same square-box layout as “Albums” to achieve a more coherent user interface. Keep the text boxes below the Artists within the color of the selected color scheme. No grey boxes, please.

See photos to illustrate. Many thanks.


It’s a work in progress. Some of the changes have been rolled out with more to come…patience.

Sure. I am confident it won’t take 5+ years like that vertical scrolling stuff…
Also, this isnt really a “feature” request, just a request to tidy-up the interface, which should’nt be an outrageuos thing to expect from a commercial software in release version 1.7.

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I agree with @bbrip, artist and composer screens should be made consistent.

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Alternatively, it could be thought of as distinguishing between Performers and Composers, so the argument would be to rename the Artist Browser to Performer Browser.

After all, the Artist class encompasses both the classes of Performer and Composer…

My vote would be to rename “Artist” to “Performer” and leave the colour coding of the text boxes in the Browsers as is… :smile:

And I suspect that the reason for the different ratios between the Album and the Artist/Composer browsers is that some Artists/Composers are actually groups of people - and it’s easier to fit images of groups into a rectangular frame for the most part…

I never noticed the difference, but if my OCD were more severe this would probably drive me crazy :smile:

These grey boxes below the artist picture are causing me eye cancer.

Just as Steve Jobs once said on Microsoft: „They just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste…“