Synchronising Two Roons

I want to synchronise two roons. One is a main_roon on a home server. The other is a much smaller sub-set travel_roon on a laptop.

I will be importing/tagging into both in different locations and want to avoid double work updating libraries when I synchronise them later on. My first attempt was just to use an external 3rd party synchroniser like FreeFileSync. This synchronises the files but not the libraries. The problem is that although the libraries overlap they are not the same.

There is an outstanding feature request from September 2015 but others may have a work around. Is there a way of doing this?

backup roon on one server and restore to the other server. Then the databases/libraries will be identical.

Thanks @garym but it is not what I am trying to do.

home_roon = 6 TB. (total capacity about 12 TB)
travel_roon = 250 GB. (total free capacity about 500 GB)

Travel roon is much smaller it is a subset of the main library. I am not looking to synnchronise the entire home_roon library, just a sub-set.

got it. Yep, that would be quite different. No ideas.

There’s no way to merge to Roon libraries.

I can only suggest you consider the home Roon installation as the master, then backup the Roon library and restore it on your travel Roon.

Then copy the music files you wish to travel with onto that machine.

Roon will then only show the albums that are accessible to it.

Of course this means not importing new music or editing tags etc. on the portable device… that should only be done on master Roon on your home setup.

Out of curiosity, how much importing and editing do you / did you foresee on your travel system?

I imagined very extensive editing on the travel machine. There will be the occasional download or rip but the main problem is that I have an enormous number of iso’s apes, cues etc. I still have not imported into the home machine. The time I have on my hands is for the travel machine not the home machine.

Looks like my options are limited until there is a mobility solution. Don’t suppose there is any movement on that?

this certainly leads back to the need for a mobile solution. The backup / restore process can be pretty time consuming vs simply grabbing some albums / playlists etc and heading out

I imagined mobile having both some kind of remote access plus some kind of simple sync like here. I know from experience that remote access is not always possible or practical. But all the mobility feature requests are very old now so I don’t know what the movement is.

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I’m sure this will all come at some point but it’s a huge and complex feature.

I travel with my Roon. I export the music files from home and don’t do edits.

When I know I’m going to edit file tags I move the files to my laptop.

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Understood @Ludwig. I just have a different use case. The case is largely a knock on of unsupported file formats. I have time on the road to do the conversion work but not at home. No avoiding multiple players or double library edits it looks like.

Pretty simple I think: Do the splitting and FLAC conversion whilst on the road. Tag with Picard, fine tune tagging with mp3tag (I’m assuming you use Windows). Ingest into Roon for the road and reingest on the main server plus any additional editing you want to do in Roon. Personally I think editing metadata in Roon is best avoided unless there’s no way to get Roon to do what you need without editing the database. By doing this it also ensures the way you like things survives any new instance of Roon or a database corruption that you don’t have a good backup for.

Thanks @evand. That’s pretty much what I do now. I use all of the above, plus a few more. I rarely edit outside my own tags but there always seems to be something in roon I would prefer not to do twice. It’s stuff that is unique to roon and is not really related to local file tags. It varies, and with many genres there is often nothing to do, but when there is something to do I find maybe 95% of those library edits boil down to the same few things.

  1. Box sets. No point in flogging that dead horse.
  2. Multi part composition handling (forcing a WORK/PART edit).
  3. Duplicate artists on the main album screen. I often have to manually remove one or more duplicate artist credits
  4. Roon choosing the highest resolution art rather than the “squarer” one I usually prefer.
  5. Manual album identification because of minor differences in track times.
  6. Failure to identify compositions even when the album has been identified.

But it’s ok. I have given up on migrating everything to roon. It’s just too hard. I just try to enjoy what I’ve got and migrate a few selective things in fits and starts. Running multiple players like JRiver and Plex is not the deal breaker I thought it would be. I’ll probably have another more systematic go if chromecast support comes along or when radio improves.

Hi everyone,
My configuration is decribe below:

House: Nas Qnap (called master) and Devialet +one License Roon Core
Office: Nas Qnap (called slave) and Naim + one license Roon Core

Each night, if new files on master there is a backup of the master on on the slave.
This is perfect I often check that the number of tracks is equal on each site.
I did a big work at the begining of installing roon at home to obtain photo of each artist or composer and create tags and type of music.
How can export all those datas from house to my office? In the aim of keeping the same roon at home than at the office.

Thank’s for your help

The only way I know to do this is to backup Roon at home to a USB drive and use that to restore Roon at the office.

Do backups work on different licenses? I have read they don’t.

You’re probably correct, I don’t know.