Syncing internal media drive

I have an internal dirve with all my music and a NAS with all my music: is there a way to keep both synced? Example: when I add music on the NAS it should also be copied to my internal drive.

I use Resillio Sync, works perfect for all platforms.
No need to go for the pro version.

Is this software that installs in Roon or on the NAS?

You have to install the software on your computer and the app Resilio app on your NAS.
Read the manual.

You don’t tell us on what OS your drive with the music is being managed; if you’re on Mac or Linux, using rsync from the command line is a natural suggestion. It’s fast, it’s powerful and it’s not that hard to use.

Roon will manage the 1tb M.2 drive,
the NAS is a Qnap.

If you are on a NUC running ROCK, then you cannot load any software on it, and Roon provides no capabilities for managing the actual music files at the file level, like syncing.

You will have to use another computer to manage the sync, if the NAS cannot do it directly…

I use an external drive and when I want to sync, all I have to do is unplugged the drive from the NUC, plug it into the NAS and run a sync on the NAS and then move the drive back. I guess I could do it over the network, but, I have a programmable button on my NAS, so running the sync for me, is just pressing a button on the front of the NAS.

The option Roony gave installs an app in the OS, in my case Roon Rock and you say I cannot install a package in Roon?

You can’t install a package into Roon OS (which is what is contained in the ROCK software). ROCK turns a NUC into a Roon music appliance - not a general purpose computer.

You need to use another computer to run syncing software if such software is not available on your NAS.

You can try SyncBack Pro as well it just works

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