Syncing Meridian end points caused 818v3 to lock up

I was playing on my new 818v3, went into the zone chooser and grouped it with an MS600. The 818 immediately dropped out of Roon control, disappeared from the list of devices, and started looping a short sound segment (very short, a stutter). It remained non responsive.

If I turned it off from the front panel and turned it back on, it continued stuttering, no responsive. I had to hard-power cycle it on the back.

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The first thing I’d check is that you’re running the latest firmware on both of your Meridian devices–v164. It was released fairly recently with the v467 Sooloos firmware.

The failure mode you’re describing is familiar–those devices run a little embedded RTOS, so all crashes turn into hard crashes. Usually it auto-reboots, but occasionally we’ve seen the audio buffer looping behavior that you’re describing.

When we can make these problems reproducible, we report them to Meridian, and they eventually get looked at and addressed.

@brian Right, the firmware is 135.
Brand new box, arrived Friday. Hrmph.

I have to set up the config program, I guess – didn’t need to otherwise, the config is simple enough that defaults + front panel config was sufficient.

Probably should do the MS600s too.

I hope I don’t need to fire up Sooloos to update, carried those boxes down into the basement.

Sorry Anders
But the only [current] way to update the Meridian Endpoint firmware is to update your Sooloos Core to the most recent Sooloos version…and then your Endpoints will be automatically updated as part of that process

Might be best to turn off Roon Server during this process as well…just to be on the safe side

The Sooloos Config program will not update the Endpoints’ Firmware unfortunately

@Ronnie @Brian Yes, I remembered a discussion about requiring Sooloos. Grumble.

I did install the config program, and with it came a Flash install program. Haven’t tested it yet.

Btw, I tested the config program, added an 818 and the 8000s with SL connection and the config program immediately crashed. Repeatable. Not impressive.

Thanks, guys, i’ll investigate further.

@AndersVinberg, I might be wrong about them having released it. I think @mike may have access…not sure. @mike, can you help @AndersVinberg out if you do?

Just emailed you @AndersVinberg