Syncing problems again! Qobuz Albums, Playlists, Tags, History etc, all gone!

As from one hour ago!! Unbelievable!! Very frustrating!! Syncing problems again!!!

Qobuz Albums, Playlists, Tags, History etc, all gone!!! Shame on you, Qobuz.

Seriously thinking about canceling both Qobuz- and Roon subscriptions.

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There seems to be a problem with Qobuz loading speeds. I’ve also had problems this morning Roon loading Qobuz, but also on the Qobuz app itself. My Library is okay (well, it disappeared and then reappeared), but on the My Qobuz tab, things are very slow to load.

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Qobuz issues (not Roon)…

Same here. So slow loading Qobuz music that my Naim Uniti Atom is going to home screen sometimes before playing the next song.

The Qobuz folks are really making Spotify(when it becomes lossless) ,Apple & Amazon look really attractive. On top of that their mobile apps are a joke.

Sorry for the delayed response here, @Robert_Kuijs

There was an issue with Qobuz servers that now appears to be resolved. Are you still seeing this issue?

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All fine with me. Definitely down to Qobuz servers.

Thanks for your response, no issue’s fortunately, for now.

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