Syncing the AirPlay stream

In my second month now with Roon, can clearly state that it has made me rediscover my library. The integration with tidal is a huge plus and overall am really happy with the product, but … :smiley:

… Somehow my AirPlay end points do not sync perfectly.
I use a variety of AirPlay implementations which over Airfoil or ITunes do play in perfect synch.

The end points are 1. Airport express 2. Zeppelin Air 3. Denon CEOL 4.NAD D7050 5. Mac mini 2015 running airfoil speakers. All except for the Zeppelin are connected through a gigabit wired network.
The delay is minimal (a few milliseconds), however audible when moving from room to room, and annoying when in the zone between the rooms.

Furthermore occasionally (once every 5-10 minutes) the sound drops for 1-2 seconds when grouping multiple AirPlay end points.

Am running the core (roon server) from a 2010 Mac mini running El Capitan that has been wiped clean and been repurposed only for roon.

Any ideas?

Did you find a solution? Same problem with AE, Pioneer N30 and Libratone Zipp.

Hey @Florian_Reiger-Ochsn – do they sync properly in other applications, like iTunes for example?

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I have a similar problem.
I sometimes group two airplay devices. One connected via ethernet, one via WLan.
With active volume leveling the both devices are out of sync, maybe 50-100ms. Without volume leveling they are in sync.

Yes, iTunes is perfectly in sync. Airplay over Roon is at the beginning also in sync, but then the delay between the different speakers is increasing over time. I try to force it out of sync at the moment, perhaps i can clarify the issue.

Ok, thanks – we’ll take a look at this.

Can you give me the exact models of your devices, how they’re connected (I assume wifi but let me know if not), what kind of content you’re playing, and roughly how long it takes to get out of sync?

Thanks for the report @Florian_Reiger-Ochsn – with that information, we’ll see if we can do better here.

Thanks for your answer.
Libratone Zipp (2017) WLAN, Pioneer N-30 (2014) LAN, AirPort Express A1264 WLAN.
The time it takes to get out out sync differs a lot. Sometimes after 1 song, sometimes after 2 hours.
It doesn’t make a difference if i listen to content from my Synology NAS (mostly ALAC) or TIDAL.
Thanks, your help is appreciated.