Syncing volume between Roon and MacBook

I have Roon installed on a MacBook (latest macOS and Roon), connected to a core via WLAN. The coreAudio output on that MacBook is a private Zone I use. Volume Control is set to “Device Volume” (see screenshot). Now when I control the volume in Roon, it syncs with the macOS volume slider. However, this does not work vice-versa (controlling Roon’s volume slider through macOS). This is a bummer. Am I doing it wrong or is this just not supported (yet?)?
One thing I noticed is that when nothing is playing in Roon, Roon’s volume slider syncs when I control macOS volume.


Hello @Hans_Stahlhelm,

It is not possible for macOS to control the volume in Roon in this situation.

When using CoreAudio exclusive mode, only the designated “exclusive” application is allowed access to audio device controls such as the sample rate, bit depth, and volume.

Additionally, macOS does not have the capability to “pass” keyboard volume commands to an application.

This means that when you are using CoreAudio exclusive mode in Roon, only the Roon application itself can control the volume of the device.


Thanks @John, good to know. I was not successful in achieving this by playing around with the settings, but it interests me: is there any setting that would allow me to be control Roon’s volume via macOS (regardless of exclusive/CoreAudio)?

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