Syncing with Tidal

Aside from restarting Roon is there a way to manually sync with Tidal? When I add albums in Tidal they’re not showing up in Roon until I relaunch, kind of annoying.

Hi Michael,

Roon will sync automatically periodically.

However, you can go into Settings > Services > Edit then select Sync Library Now.

Cheers, Greg

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Awesome! Thanks Greg :wink:

Or, involving fewer clicks, select TIDAL from the main menu, then click the resync circular arrow icon at the top left.


Ah, even cooler!! Thanks Joel :wink:

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Neither of these manual sync procedures is working on my Nucleus now. Last sync date displayed is 3 weeks ago. What now?

Have you rebooted everything?

Newbie to Nucleus here. Is there a clean way to reboot other than pulling the power?

Never mind, I found the reboot thread.

I really do not see any circular sync arrow at top left. Also, I have synced it from Edit a few times, nothing has happened.