Syno - After Update to 1.8 (850): Doesn't show new Albums

After Update to 1.8 Build 850, Roon doesn’t show new Albums in the Folder automatically. The Monitoring of the Folder for changed/new Files doesn’t work anymore. After manually scanning the whole Folder, the new Albums are shown.

Hey @Jens_Karste, we could use a bit more information here – would you mind describing your setup in more detail?

You can use this link as a guide, thanks!

I am using Synology (DS-918+ with 12 GB RAM and 2x 500 GB SSD-Cache) as a Core, working on SSD for the Database and a RAID5 with Btrfs for the Music. If i copy new Albums to the Music-Folder (not importing with Roon), only sometimes the Albums show up in Roon automatically. Today i added 11 Albums and 9 of them where shown, often there is nothing shown if i add 1 or 2 Albums.

My Library has about 11.300 Albums with 201.000 Tracks and 6 TB (only FLAC).

If i scan the Folder manually from Roon, the Albums show up after scanning. So the Monitoring of Changes for the Folder doesn’t work properly after the last Update. Always i have to scan the Folder manuelly to show all new Albums.