Synology 10,000 file File Station limit

Forgive the vague question but I’m trying to help a friend from a distance. Has anyone ever had a Roon problem related to the fact that Synology’s File Station has a 10,000-file viewing limit?

A broader question: Has anyone with more than 10,000 albums, each in a separate folder, ever had a problem using Roon?

I’m talking about using the NAS only for storage. Core is on a Nucleus +.

I’m fishing here, trying to figure out what the problem could be.


Only way around the issue is to add another level of folders and split it in two.

I dont have a synology NAS, but isnt the file station a file management application web UI serving the same kind of purpose as windows explorer on a PC?

I am aware that it has some limits on what it can display and thus manage.

However, as far as I am aware, this has no bearing whatsoever on the underlying file system and the network share protocols supported (SMB, NFS etc) which is what Roon uses. If you are using a PC or Mac to copy files into the music share, then file station will have no part to play at all. Only when you browse via the web ui will these limits apply, and even then, it is a display limit to manage browser performance as I understand it.

If you have to use file station instead of a PC or Mac, then maybe have a few music shares and add each to Roon.

As much as I appreciate these three replies, there’s not much clarity here so far. Anything official?

Check these links:

I run a Synology DS1813+ Running DSM 6.2.4-25556. For Roon, I have 36,454 albums reported. All my albums are in separate folders. I’ve never had any issue accessing them through Roon off the NAS. JCR

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Why don’t you just ask your friend to try the theory? It’s a quick and easy manouvre to move a few thousand folders/files to a differetn location on the NAS.

You are a bit ambigous about whether you are talking about 10K files, in the same folder or 10K folders in the same root. Or just the summed amount of folders?

Still, its a lot easier to manage a pretty large collection if you have some strategy regarding the storage. I split my albums into grouped folders (i.e. ABC, DEF ect) and then into artist names:

Disclaimer: I am not an experienced Synology user.

If you use the NAS as file storage (which I do for all my music files) there is not limitation that I am aware of. The limitation of 10.000 same level sub-folders kicks in when you use file station to browse your files. If you for whatever reason reach this limit, you can easily regroup and add another folder level. Roon doesn’t care, it takes everything that resides in the main folder. YRMV and JMHO

Hi Daniel, I know those links, that information. It clearly illustrates the issue I’ve raised, in the specs for File Station. But only for viewing; it’s not obvious what it has to do with Roon itself. And to be honest, I’m not sure there is a problem with Roon; I’m trying to help elucidate a situation I half understand, remotely, with too little information. Anyway, thanks.

Can you explain exactly what you mean? What would this look like? Perhaps, files below the root level labeled A, B, C, etc., with albums/artists divided into subfolders? Of course, that would be hard to achieve if you follow Roon’s recommendations for organizing your music. But then I suppose the organization could be random. Thanks.

This certainly seems like a fine solution, but I wonder what Roon’s recommendation is, since, IIRC, they propose a much more casual approach to organizing albums.


Main folder in my case: FLAC Music, next level below folders for various music styles, within these folders artists in alphabetical order. 1 folder in main * 10.000 * number of styles * 26 * 10000 for each folder in alphabetical order. Pretty big number of folders in theory.
I have this folder structure in place on a large USB-HDD and copy individual downloads manually into the correct folder. Once a week I run an automated backup with old fashioned MS-Synctoy and copy the changes to my el cheapo DS214. Roon points to the main folder of the USB-HDD and imports everything that is new. There is no problem at all with the NAS.
Frankly I don’t care what Roon does internally, my objective is to maintain order in my file collection.

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I don’t think Roon has any official recommendation other than Artist/Album to aid in identification. How you want to structure the storage is up to you. I split my storage by origin then Artist/Album.

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As in “HDTracks DL”, “iTunes”, “CD-rips” and so forth?

Yep. HDTracks, ProStudioMasters, Physical_Media/CD, Physical_Media/Blu-ray, etc

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Possibly. But for a while it seemed the recommendation was, just dump it in the Watched folder and let Roon deal with it.

Roon Databank on Synology DS418play, accessed by Intel NUC with ROCK, approximately 18.000 Songs: no problem whatsoever. Running fine for at least two years now.

I have more than 10,000 albums in separate folders using a Synology DS412+ with no issues.