Synology 1515+ Users Help

I have a Core Computer and use the SYNOLOGY 1515+ to store a very large music catalog.

Everything is running as should, so not sure if I’m being too anal here but i was thinking about adding both RAM and a SSD Cache to an open slot in my 1515+.


What specific RAM are you using in your Synology and whats your recommendation for a large catalog- 8 or 4 GB?

After reading the forums I’m getting the impression there’s not much benefit for SSD caching in the management of ROON music files. What say you? Any opinion here?

4gb minimum. Go to 8 if you have it with a large library. It won’t hurt.

Henry… Do you have a 1515+ ? What RAM are you using?

No I don’t. The memory suggestions are based on Roons recommendations for a dedicated core. Apparently if you Google upgrades for the 1515+ it will come up with suggested options others have fitted. The only thing I can glean is not to go to 16gb because that kills them. But if yours is a 2gb model, get the part number and put it into search on eBay and get a matching stick.

I can not find specific RAM modules recommended by Synology.

Was hoping to find Synology users with experience.

Anybody w a Synology 1515+ ??

Adding RAM to NAS only used as storage would most likely be a waste of resources. You could have a look at it’s system stats while running and see whether it would make use of any added RAM.
As for the cache SSD i’m a bit sceptical, your network transfer speeds will most likely be the limiting factor here. Besides, Roon Core caches the file playing anyway so i doubt there’s any value added.
If you decide to try, we’d be most curious to hear about any percieved changes! :slight_smile:

I have a Synology DS218+ and added 4GB ram and an external SSD 120gb with Roon on it. Works perfect, Before this situation I had used RoonRock on a Intel Nuc7i5 with 8GB and 250 ssd, … it didn’t make any difference to me

Hi, moral of the story here is read the post properly. As storage only you don’t need to add any RAM. It won’t make any difference to you, especially if you are not streaming to multiple programs such as Kodi and Roon and DNLA streaming.

Thanks fellas.

I think i may just run as is w/out any upgrades for now. Maybe add 4gb of RAm after i get everything settled.

I had a huge scare yesterday when i tried to install some RAM and got the blinking blue light. I then took out the RAM, plugged her in and got nothing! Panic! The horror!

I waited 30 minutes and everything started up again as should. Now I’m afraid to do anything.

I am tempted to just buy a 6TB HD and connect it directly to my Core and let the NAS run as back up.

Anyway… Are there any tricks to setting up Synology and Core Computer so that it is a dedicated and stable for ROON. It seems like every-time my computer or the NAS cycles on and off I have to remap the files in Windows 10.

Also, is the Synology spinning the disc constantly 24/7? Is there a better way to manage that so they last longer? I hardly need it on all the time but … ??

Am I late to the party?

I just joined the Roon Family. I am using a 60 day trial and put Roon Server onto my DS1515+.

Originally I upgraded the Synology when I bought it some 5 years ago for use as music server to SONOS and movies via Plex to AppleTV. The recommended memory for Plex was to go 6GB. So I threw this 4GB stick without problem:

So far with the brief play I’ve had with Roon the memory has been fine. I may try adding a single 8GB stick in to replace the 4GB or go all out and replace the default 2GB module as well and have 16GB total. Don’t know if it’s truly needed but I’m curious. Roon will be pushed out to primarily SONOS, BlueSound Node2, and Chord MojoPoly.

For the actual Roon Server I added a 120GB SSD into the 5th drive bay.

My current personal music library consists of about 1600 ripped to FLAC CDs I’ve purchased over the years plus about 30-40 albums of 24-bit HighRes bought online which I’ve only recently been doing. Pushing about 1.5TB of data in all.

So far I think the combo of Roon and the DS1515+ is terrific. I have to now mull the option of buying yearly or lifetime.


The description for this RAM says: “Upgrade for Imac Late 2015”
Why did you choose this RAM in the fist place?

Because in the User Review comments many reported success using this particular ram with Synology. I can concur.


What do you think about this:

I cant tell if the RAM went bad or the 1515+ is the problem but the last time I tried to put in RAm, I got nothing.I thought the 1515 died… but it came back alive… thankfully. I’m kind of afraid to put another stick of RAM in.

And from what I understand, I cant buy a new NAS and pop in the drives from the old NAS and expect it to work.

Just make sure the ram has the same clockspeed and voltage of 1.35V or 1.5V I believe.

As long as you’re staying with same brand, yes you can. Synology > Synology = good. Synology > QNap (eg.) = bad. For Synology the NAS needs to be running DSM5.0 or higher/newer if I remember.

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