Synology as a roon server how to do it

I have a Synology DS220+ diskstation and I want to use it as a Roon server, but I can not find any instruction on the web or YouTube.

Can anybody help?

This might help

Keep in mind, the minimum cpu for Roon is an Intel i3 processor. Not many NAS have that powerful a CPU. Don’t use a NAS, imho, put Roon on a computer until you can get a dedicated PC that meets the minumum hardware requirements.

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That nas is well below the recommended processor speed. 50 percent of a gen 8 i3.

I second putting the core on a computer.
Then just mount your music from the NAS to the new roon server.

my synology is a weak thing, but disks spin and that works just fine.

My thoughts only.

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Hi @Michel_Bryde,

As @Rugby and @ged_hickman1 have indicated that model of NAS won’t support Roon Server. It would work well as storage for your music files but not as your Core. In general Atom or Celeron-based NAS platforms frequently cause problems for our customers, because of that we don’t recommend them.

Please take a look at the article that Rugby linked above for more information and consider using a purpose-built device like Nucleus or its DIY sibling, ROCK, for your Core. You’ll also get better results on MAC or PC. You’ll have a better experience with Roon, and that’s what we all want for you. :+1:t2:

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thank you for all the response. That´s to bad I haven´t bought the rigt NAS.
Michel (from Sveden)

Give it a try and see, You have NAS, instructions and SW are on Synology – RoonOnNAS. In worst case you will buy a NUC for Roon server. I’m using DS720+ as a Roon server and have no performance problem (50 000 local songs).
Of course expanding RAM and SSD for Roon database is a must.

Hi there,

I’ve been running ROON on the DS220+ for about 6 months, the memory has been expanded to 10GB, there are 2x SSD WD Red 4TB in the NAS. Even if the requirements are not met, it runs stably and without failures over 2 rooms with different Roon bridges. However, I don’t run a DSP or similar. I previously had a Nucleus, PrimeMini with Core i3 and Core i7 as a separate Roon Core and didn’t want to have two devices anymore. In terms of sound, I don’t notice any difference in my composition.
No deterioration, no no problems. About 3000 albums, Flac / 24Bit / DSD.


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