Synology Core and iOS Remote Issues

Since updating to the newest release within the last few days, the iOS remote app frequently “freezes” and requires a full library disconnect and repairing in order to resolve the issue. I can see a track that was playing with the progress bar frozen in place.

[quote=“Michael_Merline, post:1, topic:13013”]
newest release
[/quote]Is that of Roon or iOS or both?
Can you confirm what versions are running.

I believe both are up to date.

Library: Roon Version 1.2 (build 154) stable (64bit) [Synology]
Roon Bridge: Version 1.0 (build 31) [Mac Mini 2011]
iPhone: Roon Version 1.2 (build 147) stable

I just saw the 1.2 (build 154) update become available on my iPad. That may or may not improve your situation, but is worth a try.

FWIW, I am also running Roon core on Synology with an iPad remote, and did not see these kind of disconnection issues with the core at 154 and iPad remote at 147. However, the endpoint device was an RPi running Bridge 1.0 (build 31) rather than a Mac (which shouldn’t matter in theory since they both run RoonBridge, but theory only goes so far in some instances).

After updating to today’s iOS release everything seems to be working properly.