Synology DS1621+

Synology announced a new NAS, the DS1621+ with an AMD Ryzen V1500B processor. However, I can’t find anyone talks about the compatibility for AMD processor with roon. Do anyone tested before? or I just better to purchase DS1621xs+?

What influence should the CPU have on Roon compatibility???

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did you end up buying this NAS? I am about to purchase one.

Some folks like to run Core on their NAS. I guess the question is around compatibility of Roon Server Builds for Synology with this new (to Synology) processor.

I’d be surprised if it didn’t work, but from a system architecture perspective, I think it’s best to separate concerns…use the NAS as a NAS and have a dedicated Intel NUC for Core. Less likely to run into problems this way.

Either way Chris gets it running :slight_smile:

But no Intel NUC needed, core can run on many types of machines… and stable too.

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I just purchased a DS1621+ (hasn’t arrived yet) and would love to hear your experiences on how it went for you and if you ran into any issues and all that good stuff.


Because nobody replied to me I will reply to you :slight_smile:
It works great, I am happy. NVME cache on my HDD raid 5 and roon installed on an SSD raid 1.

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I am currently also thinking about getting the same device (DS1621+) to replace my old DS1511+, to be able to continue with the spk development with DSM7.

Wow that is too funny! The whole reason I went and bought the 1621+ was because my 1511+ died last night! :rofl:

I gotta say though, buying the 1511+ was one of the best electronics purchases I’ve made in my life. 9+ years of hassle free operation from beginning to end. Let’s hope the same holds true for the new unit. :wink:

Edit: I purchased 4 GB of additional RAM just to be on the safe side. Will you also buy additional RAM with your 1621+?

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Can you please go into a bit more detail on your setup and how the NVME card helped you with Roon? I was under the impression you couldn’t store data on the NVME?

The NVME is a raid 1 read write cache for my spinning discs. A quick goggle on cache will explain that better than I could but the data is temporary to boost performance of the spinning discs.

I will eventually but I hate its £80 for 4GB and 3rd party ram voids warranty.

Any questions on it as I already have it?

Hi Paul,
How many endpoints are you serving with the DS1621+, do you simply use the 1GB ethernet port (should be sufficient) and most importantly: what kind of tracks and transcoding did you try it with?
Multichannel DSD, Multichannel high-res PCM?

If you don’t mind me asking, what endpoint are you using to output multichannel files to?

I only do 2 at a time but thats my use case. It can do more.

1GBE is more than enough its the same as nucleus and more is overkill.

I don’t use any files other than PCM files in the form of flac and no EQ.

As a test to my ipad it transcodes a 192khz file at 40x.

Which 2 endpoints are you using to output multichannel files to?

I’m playing stereo…

And in terms of strero as long as just direct play the endpoint won’t impact performance.

Does anyone know what can cause my Roon to be installed but eveytime I try to start it. It kicked back to stop status? I have had searched this forum and can’t find anything resembling the problem that I have. Any suggestions are most welcome.

I have a DS1621+ with DSM7 and installed RoonServer_Synology_DSM7_x86-64_20210727-beta.spk package successfully. The NAS is connected to a Unifi Enterprise 16 poe port.

I figure out my own system problem with some blind luck.

I have changed my NAS name back to Volume1 and reinstalled. And it worked. So for anyone that was struggled, you can give it a try.