Synology DS215+ as a roon bridge


I know DS215+ is not powerful enough to be a roon code, but do I have chance to set up DS215+ as a roon bridge and use to connect my DAC (North Star Design USD DAC32)?


Yes. Just install RoonServer. (Just don’t bother about the Server/Core part)
The audio output on your Synology will be enabled for your Core on a different machine as well.

I found CPU of DS215+ is Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-212 32bit. Can not use the download file of “RoonServer_Synology_x86_64_2018-02-18.spk” in package center, do I have still have chance to use another spk?


Oh, I did not look into the architecture of the DS215+.
It will only work on devices that can have Roon Server installed.
Unfortunately the Annapurna won’t be able to do it this way as it has an ARM cpu… :frowning:

EDIT: Technically it might be possible to install the ARMv7 version of Roon Bridge, but I never looked into it and there is no other SPK, that I am aware of.

QNAP HS-251+ is now acting as a roon bridge in my system. of course I’ve installed the roon server on it, but just don’t login to it. I keep my main roon server on more powerful TVS-882. FYI.


Good Choice, if I have plan to add new NAS + Roon system, I will consider it.
What is sound different between QNAP Intel NAS and AMD NAS?

I’m not sure sound difference between NAS using Intel cpu and AMD cpu. I choose NAS with Intel i3 because of quieter noise level than the AMD ones.