Synology DS415 Play - This package is not supported on this platform of DiskStation [Answered]

Before downloading the trial of Roon, I am trying to install the RoonServer share onto a SSD. I have followed Christopher’s instructions but keep reaching the messgae…

This package is not supported on this platform of DiskStation

Model name: DS415 Play
DSM Version: DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 2

The CPU in this model is INTEL Atom CE5335

I am unable to find whether this is a 64bit CPU on the Synology website, but guess it may be the same problem as was the case with Dominique Brulhart

I just looked on my preferred website to check the cpu specs:

What CPU is used in my Diskstation
(Sorry, this website is in german, but I think it is understandable)

According to that list, the ds415play has a 32-bit CPU architecture and can’t be used to install and run RoonServer. :frowning2:

Thanks for the quick reply Chris, but I actually have the DS415 Play.…according to your website list (the last item) it is in fact a 64 bit CPU…Intel Atom CE5335

I just edited the post. I answered on my phone and mistyped the model.
I actually meant the DS415play.

The DS415 Play is listed as x86-32 – a 32-bit platform.

Hi Rene

My mistake, I was looking at the column which shows the BUS as being 64bit …thanks

I guess I’ll have to update to a DS416Play instead so that I’ll be able to use Roon, oh well

So sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings… :wink:


I have now upgraded to the DS416 and am still receiving the same message!

Help please

I think I’ve cocked up! Should I have ordered a DS416PLAY instead?

If you have a perfectly usable NAS and want to run a Roon setup then instead of spending money on a new NAS I would get a cheap NUC (or similar) and use that instead for Roon. The performance will be significantly better too.

^^ That.

Your assumption is right: the DS416 familiy uses an ARM CPU, the exception being the 416Play which uses a 64-bit Intel Celeron CPU.

While Roonserver will run on that model, please be informed that it is below the recommended system specs and will give sub-par performance on any moderately sized library (say: 15.000 tracks and over).

You would be much better served by an Intel i3 or i5 based server in any form or shape, with an SSD for storing Roon’s database.

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Thanks Rene and Nick, this stuff is all new to me and very confusing!!!