Synology DS416+ Nas

My attempts to install Roon on my Synology DS416+ NAS were fruitless. Does anyone have any ideas on the route I should follow?
I placed the DSM7-x86-64_20220216.spk file inside the NAS. When I try to install the core by following the manual installation step in the package center; I get the message “This package is not supported on the diskstation platform or is incompatible with the current DSM version”. My NAS version is up to date with 7.1.1.

I believe the message is pretty self explanatory. Your NAS has a chipset (non intel) that is not supported by the Roon package.

I sideloaded Docker onto my DS418Play and then installed ROON as a Docker Container. This maybe an option for you. Guide here Walkthrough : Roon in a Docker container on Synology DSM 7 - Roon Software Discussion / QNAP/Synology NAS - Roon Labs Community. Hope this helps.