Synology DSM 6.1

Has anyone tried upgrading their Synology NAS running a Roon Core to the just-released version 6.1 of DSM?


It works fine on my DS716+.
Was already testing it during the beta release and had no Roon related issues with it.

Thank you! I’ll give it a go this evening.

I installed DSM 6.1 on my DS1515+ this evening. Roon 1.3.204 does not appear to have any issues.

I just tried installing the Roon server on my Synology DS716, running DSM 6.1-15047 update 2.
After setting the trust settings to “any developer” and attempting to manually install the .spk file, I get the following message:
“This package is not supported on the platform of DiskStation or is incompatible with the current DSM version.”

Any ideas, anyone?

Hi Steven,
What Diskstation model are you using?

Hi Chris. DS716.

I’m skipping 6.1 there are way to many blue blinking light of death reports on the synology forums. That said it’s just a file store for me, Roon is elsewhere.

Are you really sure, that you are using that model (DiskStation 716+)?
Are you using the current SPK version from my website, or an older one that was downloaded some time ago?
I just tried to install it on that model (running DSM 6.1-15047 update 2), without any error.

Any chance to run on DS213 or DS415Play ?

Apologies, Chris: DS715
However, the software was the current SPK direct from your website, not an old version.

Hi Steven,
Unfortunately RoonServer won’t run on the DS715 and the error message is showing, because RoonServer requires an x86_64 cpu. The spk installation procedure downloads and installs the Linux based RoonServer from the Roonlabs website. This download is only available for 64Bit Intel x86 cpu (or compatible ones).
The DS715 uses an Annapurna Labs Alpine AL 314 CPU. This is an ARM based cpu and RoonServer could not be launched. :disappointed:

Thanks Chris. I should have picked up on that, based on the file name of your software. Thank you for your patience.
Sounds like an upgrade is on the cards…
I’m assuming that the DS716+ II or the DS916+ are both good choices.

This is hard to tell. There was a discussion about which NAS is adequate or if other options are better suited in this thread.
Maybe this might be some help for you, too.

I have tried to install roon on my DS216play with no success

RoonServer on Synology (and QNAP) requires an intel based 64-bit cpu.
Unfortunately the DS216play is not compatible (ARM processor).

Hi there. I am getting this error message “This package is not supported on the platform of DiskStation or is incompatible with the current DSM version.” trying to install Roon SPK on a Synology DS218+ which has a x86 64-bit CPU. Any idea what could be wrong ?


Let me check the cpu and the spk. It could be that I need to add the cpu family of the DS-x18 line…
I‘ll let you know afterwards…

Thank you Chris !

DS-x18 Line is indeed freshly released, and likely includes a few new CPUs.


Delete your old spk from your disk and redownload it. The “apollolake” architecture for the DS-x18 line has just been added to the package.
The version is still the same as there was no change to the install routines and scripts.