Synology failed to run package service

Hi everyone I have installed the core on my synology 918+ but I get an error every time i try to run it.

I don’t know but disable Emby and try again?

i’ll give that a shot

If it does not work: can you also show the settings of the RoonServer shared folder?
(Control Panel->Shared folders->Select the RoonServer shared folder and click edit)

I got it running but it didn’t do any setup, how do I set it up?

I use SSD As core location and synology 916 for few years now.
Today Roon did not start. I have checked and it was not runńing on synology. I got same comment As above and I Can not change it to „running” status.

I don’t see ssd in shared folders but when I check it shows that ssd is connected and it’s status is normal.

Last days all was working perfectly…

Any suggestions how to get Roon running again?

Found solution roonserver folder was missing on my NAS. I added and Roon is back. Restoring back up just now.

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You can configure Roon’s database directory using the app on the QNAP else: (OP uses Synology) Roon Server does not have a UI. You have to install Roon on a PC or Mac or Roon Remote on a Android or iOS device and connect it to your Roon Core.

Thanks everyone I got it working now. Now I just need go get it on the external drive lol

Originally I installed core in our Synology 216+II but performance is not going well. Therefore, I bought a new Synology DS 920+ and upgrading to 8G DRAM. I disable the core in DS 216 and add core to DS 920 but DS 920 Core can’t be running. The new install is successful but can’t be running when I push the running button. Can you help me out to solve this problem? Appreciated!

Have you added RoonServer shared folder on your nas ?

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This is the problem! Many tks