Synology Music folder > can’t reconcile to albums

I’m trying to make Roon work with my Beatport downloads and currently it’s a mess. I’ve got a music folder on the Synology, within the music folder a folder called Beatport, within beatport folders for each year and within each year folders for each month. Within the month folder there can be any number of tracks, I would like the month folder (i.e. “Beatport May (2014)” to be treated as an album/or playlist if you like. Roon now treats all tracks as indivual tracks, saying they are part of the “Beatport May 2014” album, however I’m not able to then click on that “album title” and see all the track in that folder either being treated as an album, or playlist, or whatever the mechanism is within Roon. Having an m3u file in the folder doesn’t help either.
Not being able to treat folders as playlists/albums (even if the data is in de metadata of each file) is a real dealbreaker for me. I must be doing something wrong. Pls help?

Welcome to to forum, @J.J_Dekker.

I think this post would get more interest under #Support > Metadata issues. However, there are a couple of things you could try depending on how you’ve tagged the files.

First, can you confirm your Metadata preferences for these files? This can be set for import, album or file. The choices are Prefer Roon and Prefer File. Check import settings by going to Settings > Library > Import Settings.

Second, you can tell Roon to Group Tracks so they appear as an album.

It’d be really helpful if you could confirm your import preferences and if you’ve tagged the files. Also, screenshots would be useful.

Hi you say cant treat as playlists/albums, this is really the problem because playlists arent albums. Once everyrhing is in roon the actual folder structure doesn’t really matter as you browse by metadata(e.g genre year). But if you actually have any albums better if the folder structure represents that as it will help roon identify better. If it is just a collection of songs then let roon import and then perhaps create the playlists.

I’ll check the metadata with MP3tag, if the album field is filled out identically, ROON should reconsile as an album correct?

An update, I’m now using MP3tag to put M3u files in each folder, this makes folders available as playlists.
It’s still not clear to me what exactly triggers Roon to treat a set of files in a folder as an album (even when the album field in mp3tag is filled out identical, it does not always recognize the files as an album)

Can someone explain what the EXACT criteria are?

I think generally Roon has be able to match your tracks to an album in its own database (AllMusic/MusicBrainz) so if its just a set of songs that are not actually from one commercially available album but simply made to look like an album by you modifying the album tag then thats not going to help much, unless the Group Tracks so they appear as an album mentioned earlier is a way round this.