Synology NAS recomendation

Need a recommendation for a Synology 4 bay NAS to run Roon either with or without a PV or Mac.
Currently have music on an older 4 bay Synology and will migrate it to the new Nas.
I use both Pc’s and Mac’s in the system.



@Wallis_Melanson Wally you are not clear when you say you want the NAS to run Roon, what other functions within Roon that you might want to use. DSP functions will pretty much tax any of the 4 bay Synology options, and they will probably take considerable time to process a large library of music.

You will also need to put the database onto and SSD either in one of the bays or on a USB3 port externally.

@crieke Chris is the man to give you more info…There is also a FAQ in the Knowledge Base

While it is certainly possible to run RoonServer on a Synology NAS (I use DS1515+), I might suggest a more cost-effective strategy would be to keep the old NAS a simple file server, and use an intel NUC to run Roon (possibly using the ROCK linux distribution).

This will not only be less expensive than replacing your old NAS with a new Roon-capable NAS, the performance will be significantly higher as well. I purchased my NAS before Roon existed (got lucky on Roon-compatability), but would probably pursue this upgrade suggestion before buying a new higher performance NAS myself. Of course, if your motivation to update the old NAS extends beyond Roon usage, this may not be the right option for you.

[Edit: to most directly answer your question the DS416play and DS916+ would work, but the 916+ has a much higher RAM limit and quad-core processor, which would be helpful. My DS1515+ with 2.4GHz quad-core Atom processor and 6GB RAM has no trouble upsampling content to 24/384 or converting DSD64 to PCM, but is not as snappy as a Macbook Pro for browsing the 12k track library.]

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+1 for what Jim suggested!

One point to note is that a NAS is not a backup unless its data is duplicated elsewhere…if you are worried about your data on a single NAS then a 2nd one (ideally offsite) to back up your precious data is a must. Or at least an external drive that you regularly snapshot to regularly.

What is the cause, you want to migrate to a new Synology NAS? If it is just for Roon, I have to agree with the previous posts, that a dedicated NUC might be better suited. If you need the NAS for other reasons and would like to run RoonServer on it as a benefit, I’d advice, get as much CPU power as your budget can afford. :slight_smile:
You might also need to add more Ram. So currently the DS1517+ is their latest 5-bay model. It has an quad Atom CPU at 2.4GHz. I can’t tell you if this is sufficient, as this depends on the individual libraries and setups.

Hello Chris, Wizardofoz and JWC,

Thank you.
I decided on the DS 1517+ with 16gb ram. I need to use a NAS for music and large photo files.
I will also implement the M2 SSD option as I have an extra SSD on a M2 card in a PC that is not being used.

When I am ready to load Roon server on the NAS should I load it to the SSD on the M2 card? Will it run fast(er) like most programs that load from an SSD?



The 1517+ should work very well for a moderately sized library (mine is 12k tracks on a 1515+). Definitely install Roon on the SSD. This is probably the single most important factor for the UI performance and overall experience (more so than processor speed or RAM).

You might want to contact synology on the ssd option. The add on card is quite expensive and the way I read it the ssd is used only as a cache, so more for larger office use. I was thinking about upgrading my 1813+ and 1815+ To at least one 1817+ if the ssd allowed installation and specific data but that’s not the way I read it. I’m not looking at it for Roon anyway as I have a NUC but I run other apps.

It is also possible to mount a conventional 2.5 inch SATA SSD into one of the 5 main bays of the 1517+ (or 1515+ or 1815+, etc) to create a volume for Roon installation.

In my 1515+, I have 3 WD Red HDDs for storage and one 2.5" SSD for the Roon installation (and one bay free). Backups are done using an external USB3 drive stored off-site.

Yes, that’s a possibility if you don’t need the capacity but I was looking specifically to use the additional two spots provided by the M.2 card option. I can’t reserve 2 slots for ssd drives or even one. I’m running 48TB on the 1815+ and the 1813+ uses an expansion unit (13 drives total) to run older discs to provide backup for the 1815+.

I migrate from my 8 slot unit to the 13 slot unit as I replace the main unit drives with higher capacity drives.

I’m hoping synology allow the dual M.2 to be configured as a usable volume in future for those who don’t need the cache performance.

According to this thread, it does not seem to be possible to use the M2D17 card as a storage volume. :frowning:

You still have the option to use a USB3 SSD. I use a Transcend ESD400 ssd here with my NAS.

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Sad to get the confirmation. I’ll put a feature request in with Synology, it would be immensely valuable for data rich apps. I imagine Roon and Plex with their libraries would run much better in M.2 drives. I found Roon intolerably slow when I had it installed in the NAS hence the move to a NUC Rock install. Plex is still OK on the NAS as you don’t access the controls as much and it’s not as meta data rich.