Synology NAS set-up advice and software request


Apologies if this is in the wrong section or duplicates something existing, yet I could not find an appropriate thread to post to. I believe that this is a combination of set-up advice and software request.

I have a synology DS1621XS+ running Roon Core with the music on the NAS. My DAC IS a Mytek Manhattan II with a network card. It also has a USB input separate from the network card

Network is 1GB Virgin modem feeding Orbi 853 WiFi6 Mesh.

Currently my NAS is connected to the Orbi router by ethernet, as is the Mytek.

First Question: Would it be better to connect the Mytek to one of the NAS ethernet ports rather than the Mytek to the Orbi router?

Second question: I have a USB connection between the NAS and the Mytek. It is not connected to the Mytek network card usb - it is connected to the main Mytek USB A socket.

Roon sees this as an ALSA connection. How should I configure the settings in device set-up please?

The other aspect is that I do not have control of the Mytek volume in this configuration. I believe that this would need a software update so that assigns (or allows me to assign) the Mytek volume control as the device volume. Currently I have a USB slider that does nothing. I have a DSP option that allows me to reduce the volume setting (which means I manually have to set the Mytek to the maximum)

Any help / thoughts appreciated

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Answer: No

If you have the Mytek Network Card, is that not Roon-Ready? If so, why would you still use USB?


Hi Dirk

Thanks for your fast response. I’d set everything up originally in a way that I thought was logical, and it seems that is consistent with how you would do it also.

I was double-checking my assumptions though: Since the Roon core streams to the dac, would it not be “better” to connect the core directly to the dac rather than via the router?

I don’t use the USB (for the reasons I stated, as it is inconvenient). But is that “better” than ethernet?

Both my questions were in relation to what would give the best sound quality. So would a direct connection from the NAS to the Mytek via ethernet improve SQ? Would USB be better SQ?

Would appreciate if you (or someone else) were to advise on sound quality aspects.

Best Regards