Synology Needing Updates Causing Issues

In the process of restarting my core on a Synology 1618+ the Roon Core Package just disappeared. Not to be found. Gone. So I find the Chris Rieke website which has a new Synology core package from Mach 8 so I install that with no problems, and then launch Roon which requires a fresh login. Once I log in, the screen states that I’m already logged in and I can only run one core at a time. To connect to the core I previously set up click the “go back” button which I did. Then I’m back at the main page and need to log in which I’ve already done. There is an option to restore from a backup. Should I do that or is there another way to address this issue? Should I un-authorize the core then reauthorize it?

The unauthorize button is the option most people find solves the problem. I would try this first before looking at other options.

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I seem to have the same problem each time I restart my syno package :frowning:

Scotav, that was the right answer! The unauthorize button quickly got me back into Roon! Thank you.

As for DigitalFrog, I don’t lose the package every time I restart it. This was the only time that happened and I attributed it to the fact that there is an updated package available. It would have been nice to have better communication about what was going on, but I’m happy it is up and running again!

Good to hear you’re back up and running again.

I’m also seeing this issue with every restart.

The last Synology Roon Server Update from March 8th addresses the reauthorization issue and should resolve it.


Thanks for the tip. I somehow assumed that it would prompt me if there was an update available. Installed and already acting better.

Thank you, much appreciated