Synology or QNAP

I’m thinking about buying a 2-bay NAS. Synology or QNAP?
Which is best for running Roon? It’s for a small library, mainly streaming Qobuz.

Must be an Intel or AMD cpu IIRC ideally something with a bit of oomph

I’m looking at the 4-core Celeron models such as DS720+ or similar, but what platform/OS is the better supported for Roon? There’s not much difference hardware-wise between the two.

Def go with the + options, but unless you need a nas then a NUC and rock is probably a better option

Either way you want the roon install and database on an SSD

Plan for Roon to eat a lot of memory. I have a small library on my Synology 1520+ and Roon takes around 2gb out of the 8 on board.

If this is your first NAS I would only go down that path if you might use it for other things, since as noted a NUC is an excellent dedicated appliance for Roon. That said, my 1520+ performs well for my needs.

I run a NAS which is great for SONOS and Bluesound serving the media. But when it came to running ROON server (separate SSD inside Synology box) it was hit & miss. So I added a NUC to run ROCK and everything is great.

Some more info here if interested.

Just remember, any album added to your Roon library has the same database “cost”, no matter if the file is local or streaming in origin. So, a library of 100k local files imposes the same database hardware requirements as a library of 100k streaming files.

Core requirements are a minimum of Core i3. Also, in my experience, Roon runs better with higher core speeds rather than more cores.

Imho, if starting from scratch, the best option is a dedicated RoonCore with the music local to it (either an external USB hard drive or an secondary internal drive), and a NAS which serves as a backup for the music and Roon Database.


I have a QNAP NAS. Solid as a rock. Never had any problems with it. Dont run Roon on the NAS your NAS is for serving up music files. Get an Intel NUC dedicated to running ROCK. You can “backup” your NAS music files to

Go with the fanless HS-453DX (Max RAM version). Absolutely silent by using SSDs and provides a nice overall solution.

Okay, I get it! I’ll investigate NUCs.
Thanks for the replies.