Synology Roon Core connection issues

Core Machine

Synology DS918+, DSM 6.2.4-25556, no extra RAM.

Network Details

Both the iMac and Synology are connected via Ethernet to a devolo dLAN 650 triple+ powerline adapter. Pings work fine from the iMac to the Synology:
seanslattery@iMac ~ % ping

PING ( 56 data bytes

64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.373 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.330 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.385 ms

Audio Devices

iMac 27inch 2019, MacOS 10.15.5, Ethernet connection to Synology

Description of Issue

Roon client on iMac failing to connect successfully to the Roon core. When I start Roon client on the iMac it shows the “Choose your Roon Core” window with my Synology machine as an option to connect to. The status for Roon on the Synology is shown as Ready with a green circle. The core is described as "Linux 4.4.59+/10.x.x.x, Version 1.8 (build 790) stable.

I click Connect beside this Roon Core (the only one displayed) and I get the message “You’re already signed in” and it tells me I’ve already setup another core and offering me the chance to Unauthorise my Roon core on the Synology.

It says to connect to the Core I’ve previously set up, to click go back, so I do this:

Then the message I get is “There was an issue loading your database”. I’m now stuck - Roon client won’t respond and I have to shut it down.

Roon was working recently and the only update I’ve made is to add another drive to my Raid on the Synology which appears to have been successful - I’ve not noticed any other issues.

Any pointers appreciated - the Roon Core appears to present as working when I start Roon client - it just cannot connect successfully.

Thanks in advance,


Your iMac and nas need to both be connected to your router or a switch - not to each other directly.

Thanks - I’ve updated the original post with a better description of the network setup.

If it helps, I’ve found the server logs and watched the activity as I try to log in from the iMac Roon client. Some interesting log lines which might be pertinent:

04/30 21:14:37 Trace: [broker/accounts] Data updated. AccountStatus=LoggedIn MachineStatus=Indeterminate UserId=…

04/30 21:14:38 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GOT {“status”:“NeedsBump”,“bumps”:[{“machinename”:“nas”,“machineid”:"…"}]}

04/30 21:14:38 Trace: [broker/accounts] Machine Allocation Needs Bump

Does this help?


Hi Sean.

I have a very similar set up to yours and was facing the same issue.

To solve it, I simply clicked on the “Unauthorize” option under “Your devices” in the last print screen you have shown and it solved the conflict.

This solution was suggested by Roon Support team in the following thread

Hope this will solve your issue as well.

It does. Here as well. The labelling of that button isn’t helpful. Press it anyway

Many thanks to you both! It’s counter-intuitive, but Unauthorize unblocked the server (and looks like it didn’t actually unauthorize it).

That didn’t completely fix things for me - Roon clients could connect to the server, browse music etc. However no audio devices were available and it was impossible to add one. This was only fixed once I stopped the Roon server package on Synology and restarted it. Now everything appears to be working.

Thanks again!

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