Synology Roon installation issue (in China)

I purchased the 716 + II ready to deploy roon, maybe because I was at the other end of the Pacific, during the installation process there was a network link problem like a picture.
Whether it can provide a complete installation package to upload the nas.



Just to be sure.
You are using the procedure from ?
I have a client in China, maybe he is willing to try the procedure just for verification purposes.

Have you tried the installation more than once?
This message indicates, that the download of the Linux RoonServer binaries failed.
Has your Synology Internet access?

Thank you for all!
The problem has been solved.
Internet control in China is very strong, many European and American sites are unable to visit or visit very slow.
Plus these days the government held a “people’s congress”, the Internet control more stringent.
I try to use VPN on the router directly “over the wall” to access your server.

Now I have successfully downloaded the roon.



Great that you are up and running!

Thank!(I need to say enough words)


Do you get an error message?
How long do you wait for the install to finish?

Google Translate to chinese: