Synology settings for ROCK


This is my first post in the Roon Community. I was so happy that I was able assemble on my own a NUC and install ROCK. Much thanks must go to the Roon Team for releasing such an easy installation on the ROCK. Armed myself with the instruction given in the Roon Kb and that of the Computer Audiophile post here, the actual process was pretty smooth sailing for a computer noob like me.

What I did have trouble on was after installing ROCK, I had to add a network storage (my Synology DS413) into the ROCK. After faffing about for an hour I finally able to map the correct shared folder.

If you are trying to add a network share from ROCK and if you use Synology, make sure you have smb shares protocol turned on using the SMB3. This can be found in the DSM under Control Panel>File Services. If the SMB is set-up properly, you should be able to add the network drive by \[ip address of the NAS]\[the shared folder]

For those of you who are like me that use a Mac and have Time Machine pointed to the Synology then, you might need to turn off AFP file sharing whilst setting up the network share in ROCK and you can turn AFP back on after so that your Time Machine thru the Synology will not be interrupted. This method worked for me. If you have a simpler solution please share the love and knowledge! :relaxed:


Im not sure about the time machine details but I use use both and don’t recall any issues having TM running when adding any of the CORE options including ROCK

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