System Audio Legend Silverback 40.2 - Roon Ready product?

Hi Roon. I am enjoying my new Roon Nucleus playing via Chrome Cast to my wireless Legend Silverback 40.2 active speakers from System Audio. The sound quality and stability is fantastique - Roon and System Audio is great together. I am also enjoying the Roon ARC very much. It is my hope that you within a short time will be able to make System Audio a Roon Ready partner. Best wishes, Jørgen, Denmark

Looks like a great product and ripe to be Roon Ready. I’m sure Roon would be happy to work with them. Have you contacted System Audio? It is up to them to do whatever needs to be done to make their speakers Roon Ready and send them to Roon for testing. If they contact Roon I’m sure Roon will guide them with what they need to do. Tell them to contact if they are interested.

@rob Darling of Roon may be interested In reaching out to them directly.

The amplifier on the back of the speaker looks suspiciously similar to the one Buchardt is using… is it the same? Only analog input, but WISA wireless from a HUB. Sounds familiar too… There is no ethernet port on the HUB so a new box would be necessary for RAAT AFAIK. It does have a USB input - a Pi with RoPieee could work.

Thanks for your comment. I am in contact wiith System Audio about the status for getting Roon Ready. No doubt it woud be great with extra focus from both System Audio and Roon Labs in finishing the certification proces.

Thanks for your comment. It sure looks like the same amplifier, but I do not know enough about the details. The speakers work via WISA from the Hub, and Chrome Cast from Roon Nucleus to the Hub. I also have an older Bluesound Pulse Flex, which is Roon Ready and connceted to Roon Nucleus via Wifi. I expect the same will be the case with Legend Silverbacks and the Hub when System Audio is Roon Ready certified.

I was more or less promised a soon roon ready certificate from System Audio when I bought my System Audio 40.2 in 2020, but still waiting. They had also advertised that they are soon roon ready. See link here back in 2020: Link I have emailed them multiple times and they say they have an application in with Roon, but it´s not up to System Audio but Roon. Not sure if this is true though. Is there a large cost in getting a certificate with Roon?

There is no cost other than their own rnd costs. Certification is a two way process and will only be certified when it meets the standards Roon has set. It will go back and forth until this is all sorted and the vendors have to resubmit if they get kicked back. No one wants a poor implementation and many get it wrong. This process is to protect you the consumer from a subpar product. One should not buy a product based on promises as many fail to get certification all together either because they don’t have the resources or it doesn’t work to how Roon need it to be and they are reluctant to change things. Aqua went down this route a few years back.

Thanks for your comment. It was good to hear about your most patient long time waiting. GOOD NEWS: Today my System Audio Stereo Hub with 40.2 speakers came up as a Roon Ready unit under “audio”. It is also mentioned on the System Audio website for the Stereo Hub: The most intelligent control centre on the market | SA