System Not Seeing Number of Tracks in Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus with 2TB Samsung SSD 860

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Xfinity xFi Gateway
2020 Mac Air running Ventura 13.1 operating via wifi
Roon Server Software Version 2.0 (build 1193)
Roon Labs Software Version 1.0 (build 14)

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Atom

Number of Tracks in Library

57,397 Tracks

Description of Issue

I have 57,397 tracks downloaded in my Nucleus as shown in this screenshot from the summary page.

Yet when I look at the Nucleus Internal storage under settings it only shows 49,809 and fails to update that number when I add new tracks or force a rescan.

It is virtually stuck at this number. Any thoughts on what this means and how to fix it?

Hi @Bryant_Bainbridge,

Have you added albums for a steaming server (Tidal and/or Qobuz) into your library?

If so this is most likely the reason… as these too are included in Roon’s summary information.

Just spotted this, and now wondering if Roon’s file scanning has hung …

May I suggest rebooting the Nucleus to see if that helps.

I have added albums from both Tidal and many more from rips of my CD’s. The system does not seem to care where they come from

I have rebooted the nucleus many times to no good end

And here is an interesting and timely update. The count on my tracks has been constant for well over a year. I just added 4 tracks from files and one of them actually registered a bump on the count. Clearly something is wrong with the file scanning and I suppose that if the files show up and I can play them I should just continue to look the other way as I have for over a year. The only reason I posted this is the thought that this may indicate a bigger issue. When you have 50K+ tracks you tend to get conservative about data loss

Are all the tracks in the database whether local or streaming


Would be tracks that are on that storage location.

If you go disable the streaming service under General/Services, what does the track count on the home page show?

Total tracks will show on home page but only your local music files will show on the [disk] storage page.

Total tracks [home page] = Number of watched local files + number of tracks added from streaming services.

Oh man, I thought that was a great idea and one that might reveal something but with streaming services disabled the number stays the same. I am starting to think I should just leave well enough alone

OK, if I heard you correctly the “49,809” tracks showing should be what is on my Nucleus, right? But that number is changing (except once) when I add tracks to the nucleus. Am I reading you right here?

Opps! Meant to say ‘Not Changing’

This might help

Appreciate that, but I have been down all those paths and have forced endless re-scans. No worries. I am going to close this ticket and simply live with it. In the end as long as I can play the music I am good to go.

Thanks all for the ideas and assist!

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