System output confusion

I have an IBM PC as my core…but I AM ripping albums on my mac to add to the library
How do i get my second computer to play musicfrom the roon library…when i hit system output it plays on the PC desgnated as core

Let see if this can be of some help. Hope so.


Before you get to the zones discussion make sure you have either roon (ruuning as a remote), roon bridge or roon remote installed and running on the machine you want to send music to.

Once you have one of the above installed and running on the second computer you will need to enable its outputs in Roon on that machine. They should then show up as zones in all roon remotes. Assuming all your computers are on the same network that is.

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Install Roon on your Mac and point it to the Core on your PC. This is called a Roon remote. Your Mac will show up as an available Zone on all Control devices.