System setup and config help

Hi, I’m trying to understand the options I have to optimise my system before I start moving core and files around.
Current setup:

Top floor office:
Core located in Desktop PC → JDS dacamp _> Phones

Middle floor lunge
Tablet / mobile (Android) with Roon remote app → Sonos Connect → Digital out into analogue hifi system.

The issue is that the core (with the ability to effect changes to DSP etc) is on a different floor to my lounge system, so am thinking of moving my Core to an old laptop (a top spec Asus from 2010!) so I can make the system config systems in the same room that I’m listening. I can also stream spotify into the connect and use the Equalify DSP plugin with this configuration.
However, if I do that, my desktop becomes another end point, will I still be able to adjust DSP settings locally, of can they only be effected on the core app?

While there is an integrated roon core / desktop roon app installation - roon core itself is really a server app with no gui.

So everything that can be changed on a roon core is done via the app - which can be local or remote.

The phone apps don’t allow you to change some dsp settings - but I think that’s just because of the screen real estate.

Many people prefer to have their roon core in another room away from their main listening roon. It keep any computer / fan / disk noise well away from where you listen.

Roon works best if your core is connected by physical Ethernet cables, so try and do that if you can.

You can install the room app on your laptop without another core. Look for the download towards the end of this screen Downloads - Roon Labs

OK, so if I install the app onto a laptop, then I should be ale to see the same interface and setting etc? In which case I can leave the core where it is, given as well that the desktop is hardwired into an eero router.
If it’s that simple, then that makes a huge difference to it’s convenience.

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Exactly right.