System Update With Limited Budget

(Fernando Pereira) #21

Oops, that’s right, just checked on my 2015 Macbook Pro. Hadn’t realized this because my Core lives in a Linux-based NUC. Others here will know better if that Mac USB rate limitation can be lifted.


@RTaylor3rd -

Don’t want to enlighten me?

OK, apologies for prying.


(Rudy Taylor) #23

Funny! I’m actually working. I work for B&O. The 50s have all the digital inputs and an analog. They sound fantastic but i want an easier switching mechanism. When I connected my DAC I didn’t notice a significant change in sound stage or image plus I got control more conducive to my liking. Plus the XLR sounded better than all so I just use it.


OK, thanks. Now I understand.

Check out the Mutec 3+ USB. Nice piece of kit.

Have fun.

(Rudy Taylor) #25

Just went to the link you sent. Theoretically I could remove the DAC component completely and go Macbook USB to Mutec 3 to digital input of speaker. Interesting test.

(Robert ) #26

Desktop or main setup? Number and type of inputs needed. Is a Headphone amp something you need. If you can live without MQA, take a look at the Benchmark DACs.


Yes, I believe that’s true. Make sure you understand what the Mutec does, the specs are a little confusing. For instance, it can seem like the device acts both as a master clock and a USB re-clocker/format converter, but it’s one or the other.

I bought some kit at the Sweetwater website. I had questions, they were very helpful. Living where you do, there’s probably many local stores that carry Mutec.

(Rudy Taylor) #28

thanks for your incite @Slim_Fishguttz


It’s been a while since I used a 2012 Mac Mini for my Roon Core, but it definitely should do > 96/24 over USB. However, I believe the Mac will only give you options that the attached DAC will accept. Some USB DACs are limited to 96/24, primarily because that’s the limit of USB Audio Class 1 (UAC1), and until recently UAC2 required a special driver for Windows. Macs have had UAC2 drivers for a long time now (sufficiently long that I’ve forgotten which macOS version introduced support). A USB->SPDIF converter might help in your situation.

Good luck!

(Mr Fix It ) #30

That Mac will make it as Roon Bridge but as a core machine you will struggle imho. Under min spec

(Rudy Taylor) #31

fortunately i have no issues with it as a core. simply looking for improvement. it will be replaced next month with nucleus+

(Robert ) #32

Which DAC did decide upon?

(Rudy Taylor) #33

I’am leaning Mytek Brooklyn however Benchmark and iFi Pro came up so I’ll do a bit more reading. Difficult to test these things since there are so few retailers with inventory on hand.

(Mike) #34

I like the idea of a Brooklyn bridge, being a Roon endpoint with an ethernet input.

(Robert ) #35

I did a lot of research myself and just picked up a Benchmark DAC 3 HGC last month direct from Benchmark. 24/192, DSD (DOP) no MQA. (I have two other MQA DACs ( PS Audio DSJr & Meridian Prime DAC/Headphone Amp.). The Benchmark is sweet. I use it as a direct headphone amp and as a DAC feed to my Amps and Sound Encore tubed headphone amp. You don’t see many of the Benchmarks second hand…they are a really great device. Benchmark will let you trial them too. I may add a Nucleus at some point myself.

(Rudy Taylor) #36

Serious consideration. If I’m not mistaken the bridge will allow me to put the nucleus away?

(Mr Fix It ) #37

Will be interesting to see how you compare the two setups when the time comes :sunglasses:

(Roland Lickert) #38

I use a mojo with my I-mac and Roon software use as desktop speakers the audioengine DS 2+ and a subwoofer (in my home office)and than I use a wireless wifi from audioengine to get all my music in my mainstereo -system at my leaving room.It works very well and it’s affordable .Control Roon library at my leaving room with my I-Pad or HP .


Won’t replace the nucleus, but will allow you to keep it out of sight if that’s what you want.

If I get your setup correctly, you’d end up with something like Nucleus => Bbridge, over IP (so rj45 or WiFi, I’d suspect rj45 is preferable), B&O streamer => Bbridge, over toslink, Bbridge => Beolab 50 over XLR.

(Valeriano Corallo) #40

I have tested several DACs, and I am perfectly happy with ifi audio pro iDSD. IMHO you should have a look to their technical documents on ifi audio site and arrange for a free test, especially if you like XLR. An Amazon buy will give you several days of test and you may return it if not happy…i use a MacBook Pro 2018 with USB-C and this can throw any format to the DAC. When traveling I use a Hugo 2, but pro is better for my taste