System-Wide "Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device"

A few days after updating to Roon Version 1.6, my entire system has crapped out, loss of functionality everywhere every which way: playback shuts down and I get the “Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device” message (or just silence for a while then the dreaded message “Roon Lost Control of the Audio Device”). This includes whether I try to play my local files or Internet Radio or TIDAL. It includes whichever speakers I use: my PC soundbar, my KEF LS50Ws or LSXs or my Sonos Play5 Generation 1. Help please.

Roon Version: Roon Version 1.6 (build 390) stable (64 bit)

Device/Roon server: sonicTransporter i5 Audiophile 2.5 from Small Green Computer, 7.3T (3.8T used, 3.1T available), 4 gigs of RAM

Operating System: Linux

Music storage: On the sonicTransporter

Collection size: 64,129 tracks, 5536 albums.

Remote Control via: Laptop (wireless AC), Windows 7 Pro; Android 8.1.0; PC (wired), Windows 7 Pro.

Network: Gigabit speed wired; and wireless AC

Router: Fortinet 60e firewall (Last firmware update: April 2018)

Media: FLAC, MP3, ripped and purchased

Output/Speakers: Dell Soundbar; KEF LS50W (recently updated firmware); LSX
(recently updated firmware); Sonos Play5 Generation 1.

Hello @Aaronburr,

Have you tried rebooting your network and SonicTransporter as the first troubleshooting step here? I would also try temporarily disabling the firewall on your router to see if that has any effect.

Since this issue seems to affect all of your zones I would take a closer look at the network and possibly take a look over our Networking Best Practices Guide to see if there are any issues which may be affecting your network setup.

Please let me know if that helps.


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