Systematic wrong match of performers TAGS/ROON

I share here a problem that i have already risen in many metadata posts.

The problem rises ALWAYS when there are to artists with the same name.
If roon has some album metadata (with the correct performer), then adding some file tags, i.e. metadata at track level, causes roon to NOT match the performer with the correct one at album level, but the wrong one.

example: there are 2 main John Taylor.
a jazz pianist:


(these are the same person…)

and the bass player of duran duran

in my jazz albums with the piano player, for example (but this happens in ALL albums)

i get in the credits the piano player at album level (from roon metadata):

and the bass player from the file tags (it disappears if I remove the file tags…)
Screenshot - 07_01_2023 , 19_23_49

so basically, roon software finds a “John Taylor” tag and does not match it with its own album level metadata, but looks for another one.
This happens ONLY when there are 2 performers with the same name.
Normally, when only one performer is associated with that name, roon works fine and matches the file tags with its metadata.

Note that on users side, we cannot do anything:
-removing file tags is not satisfactory: we add them to fill in the gaps in roon metadata. and i’m interested in every single player performing in individual tracks…
-correct inside roon software in a no-go way: one should edit the credist for single tracke, removing the wrong performer track by track and add the correct one… very difficult task expecially when there’s not a picture to guide the selection.

I’d like a feedback from the @metadata_support about this.

I add infos on my setup:
Core Win 10 PC, intel i5, 16GB ram
various endpoint: squeezebox touch, raspberry, a couple of win laptops, a couple of android mobiles


Same issue here. For example, on Sam Rivers - Fuchsia Swing Song I have files tagged as follows:

But Roon picks up Sam Rivers, the bassist for Limp Bizkit.

What gives? Is this a bug?

I think this is an error… a bug…
But i’ve never received any feedback by the @Staff

I agree, it looks like a bug. Another example:

The wrong Barry Harris (cigar man next to the correct Barry Harris is a Canadian record produced/DJ) is credited as the composer on the track High Step on Paul Chambers’ Chambers’ Music: A Jazz Delegation from the East.

File tags are as follows:

Is there any chance to get an answer?

The problem seems ignored.
@joel ?

This is not some obscure edge case. Roon is now absolutely riddled with equivalencing errors. With this album I get 3 John Taylor’s mashed up.


First, I get two John Taylor’s. The piano player & the reggae singer:

When I click on the old reggae singer John Taylor I get here:

When I click on the John Taylor in the bio I get to a third John Taylor, the Duran Duran band member:

I find this artist equivalencing mess to have markedly deteriorated ever since roon made a decision to use native language artist names. In this case roon is also using birth rather than stage names. My experience is that roon is absolutely riddled with these equivalencing errors at this point and it is just getting worse. Does it also effect radio, recommendations, discovery etc. where poor equivalencing makes links between tracks that do not exist? @support, is anyone working on this?

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