T+A ASIO Driver - can't uprez PCM

Hello T+A DAC8 DSD users,
I’m having problems with Roon using the ASIO driver and DSP.
My settings are like this:

and I get the error device_init_failed:

I can use the ASIO driver and DSP engine fine for converting Tidal to DSD
but can’t get it to do Max PCM or Max PCMx2.
Also, the ASIO driver works with the “For Compatibility Only” setting.

I’ve reinstalled the driver but still get this error. No problem using WASAPI.
Anyone else having this problem with their T+A DAC8 DSD?

Hi @Sydney_Low ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is always appreciated. My apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, can you please provide me with a screenshot of the device settings being used for the mentioned ASIO driver. This information can be accessed by going into the “audio” tab, clicking the gear next to the ASIO zone, and selecting “device setup”. I am looking for screenshots of the “playback” tab in the device setup window.


Here you go:

I’ve identified the problem.
If you look at the Device Setup screen you’ll see that it reports that the driver supports 705 and 768kHz.
The T+A doesn’t, so either the driver is misreporting this or there’s some other bug.
If I manually set the uprez to 384kHz as shown below, the device works fine:

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Nice work finding this workaround @Sydney_Low – I think you should get the same behavior if you set Max Sample Rate here:

Thanks for letting us know about this!

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