T+A MP 1000E software volume control

I run a T+A MP 1000 E and PA 1000 E with Roon working very fine with one exception. I can not control the volume setting with the roon software running on my Ipad pro (and Iphone). I have tried it with the T+A R 1000 E previously and it did works fine. However, with the two components I get the information: Volume fixed and there is no option „software volume“ etc. when opening the Device Setup (showing only „Fixed“ and „Device Volume“ under Volume Control).
I can change the volume using my T+A app while running Roon but changing between two apps is less comfortable.
I there a fix for my problem?

Hello @Kai_K,

Can you try setting the DAC to “Device Volume” and then seeing if volume control works that way? Fixed volume implies that Roon is sending the full volume to the DAC while Device Volume should be adjustable. Please see this guide for more info.


Hello Noris,

I can not change settings regarding volume control on my DAC. I can only do changes in the roon app choosing between fixed and device. However, the volume control in the roon app doesn’t work either way. Using the app from T+A I can control the volume while playing roon.


Hello @Kai_K,

Thank you for the report. I have replicated the behavior you are seeing on the MP 1000E we have in our labs. I have reached out to T+A for further clarification.


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