Tablet better than LG G Pad 8.0 Suggestions Please!

About a year ago AT&T business sent me an LG G Pad 8.0 (V495) thinking i would use on their networks yada yada…anyways use it solely in my living room as a Roon remote for Roon Core on a Mac Mini. Unfortunately it does not seem up to the task.
For starters the resolution is terrible, the fonts are jagged sometimes until you start scrolling, sometimes it crashes, sometimes I get a ‘maximum’ or ‘fullscreen’ resolution warning? Anyways, it’s just not smooth and kinda sucks. I’d like to replace it with something up to 10" and that won’t lag running Roon remote. I’m open to all brands and OS’s and want to spend up to $500. Generally the family is in the Apple ecosystem, but i’m the only one that uses this remote.
Thanks in advance for suggestions.

The iPad Air 2 is a good deal nowadays at $399 and will make an excellent Roon remote. For what I’ve seen, iOS is way more fluid than Android with Roon (tried Sony and Nexus 9).

Yup, that one is on the top of my list right now…would like to see what Windows or a Android tablets would be comparable.

Samsung Tab S2 9.7" is what I use and it is plenty fluid.

ipad Air2 is a good fit in that price range. if you can stretch your budget, ipad pro can be had for a bit more. Way faster than my ipad Air 1 16gb tablet. Got the apple store to price match my local Fry’s Electronics store. Frys had the ipad pro 9.7 128gb on ad for $599 a week or two ago.

Picked up an iPad Air 2 yesterday, used it last night, works great. Interface looks more the desktop version than it did on the smaller 8" tablet i was using. One thing i noticed is that is stays in landscape view all of the time, not a bad thing, just and observation.

With respect to landscape, are you referring to the Roon remote screen in landscape mode only, or everything else. There’s a lock setting to prevent screen rotation in settings. Roon remote is presented in landscape view, but the Roon community page can be viewed in portait or landscape.

Congrats on your new remote/ipad. :grinning: