Tablets With Portrait Mode - Not Just iPad Pro

Pedant mode on… In the emailed announcement of 1.2, there is the statement:

“iPad Pro is the first tablet large enough to run Roon in landscape and portrait mode”…

Actually, Windows tablets have been able to do this for a long time now…

Yes, I am using a Surface Book, which is a laptop with screen that detaches and becomes a tablet. Almost exactly the same dimensions and weight as the large iPad Pro. I find it very appealing for Roon in portrait mode.

Btw, does anybody know if “iPad Pro” covers the new smaller iPad pro, or just the big one?

I believe that Roon will run in Portrait mode only on the 12" iPad Pro and not on the 9.7" iPad Pro

For those shopping for a suitable Roon Remote, the new Huawei and Samsung Win 10 Tablet convertibles are very much worth a look as well…especially the Samsung with its OLED Screen, which makes Roon look even better than usual IMHO

If it can fit on a phone in portrait mode (albeit barely), it can almost certainly fit on a tablet in portrait mode……

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I was just about to make the same point!