Tabs for ARC Discography & Info failing to load (ref#KEY59Y)

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· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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ARC Discography & Info tabs not loading

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WiFi and 5G affected on iPhone 15 Pro 17.5.1

This happens mostly with discography tab where albums will not display and has been affected for over a year but just dealt with it. If I toggle the sort order, sometimes that spurs it but not all the time. I went in for some info on Tom Skinner and no tab was loading and thought I would finally put in a ticket for this issue

Hi @TuliaNonTroppo,

The Info and Discography tabs populate from a range of upstream services and your RoonServer machine, depending on whether the content is local vs. streaming and whether it’s in your library.

Does this occur with other artists? Around the timestamp visible in your screenshot, diagnostics show that ARC was transitioning between two network interface connections - the cellular address provided by your cell provider, an IP address in the same subnetwork as your RoonServer machine, and a third, private internet address. Do you have a VPN or proxy service installed on this phone? Generally, when discography or info tabs fail to load, ARC made the request using one network interface, but then switched to another. The download eventually times out and the page will fail to load.

Additional question - do you ever encounter these pages loading correctly for Tom Skinner above?

It happens for almost every artist almost every time on this phone regardless of if I am on WiFi at work or cellular out and about. I haven’t been able to load this discography but here is another time stamp today:

Not that I know about. I have not personally installed anything like that.

The WiFi at work likely has stuff but the issue yesterday with Tom Skinner was when I was on 5G out and about…and it is the first time I looked up Tom Skinner because I hadn’t heard about him before and wanted to explore his catalogue but couldn’t.

Another timestamp for you (June 17):
I tried looking up the discography for RJD2 because I don’t own any and liked the new album. I did add the Qobuz album to my Roon library about an hour or so ago. I tried both WiFi and cell but neither would load the discography. WiFi loaded the info section immediately but no discography:

Hi @TuliaNonTroppo,

There was a server issue around the time that you’d posted - have you seen this phenomenon with discography pages in the last several days? Thank you for the report and for your patience.

Yes, it happens all the time. It’s happening right now.

Hopefully this latest example timestamp can help your team sleuth out the issue?

Almost every time I select the Discography tab, it does not populate, regardless of how many times I swipe down for refresh or move from tab to tab.

Sometimes—as in the case here—if I switch from its default release date (my preferred view) to popularity (less preferred by me), it will populate with releases. This does NOT solve the issue all the time, but today it did, so hopefully it can shed light on what is wrong with this function for me.

I just want to reiterate, this is a problem that happens ALL THE TIME and is not just something that doesn’t work occasionally and seems to happen regardless of where I am in the city and which network I am connected to.