Tag and Roon metadata based genres vs user created genre tags

Roon seems to treat tag metadata obtained from underlying files and its metadata providers differently to user created genre tags. I’m not sure whether it’s intentional or an oversight?


  • some albums I have include ‘Guitar Virtuoso’ in the file tags and others include same from Roon’s metadata sources
  • for others I’ve manually added same within Roon

When using Focus on genre includes ‘Guitar Virtuoso’ those I’ve added manually within Roon are not included in the Focus results. Deliberate or oversight? I note they’re given a different hue in the genre entries imported from tags or provided by Roon’s metadata partners.

If I select ‘Guitar Virtuoso’ within album Focus this album is not included in the returned result.

Our user created tags are definitely treated differently because they are tags, and not really “genre” tags. You can use them as such, but you don’t have to use them that way. I have plenty of tags that have nothing to do with genre. Like, “Wine” or “Beer” or “Scotch”. In this case my tags are functioning as a mood/activity tag and I can use them to pre-filter my collection before I then focus.

Really hoping that 1.3 allows mass adding/editing of genre tags etc. as well as custom attributes like those you referred to.

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