Tag count by album

New roon user here…I’ve been adding tags to many of my tracks and I’m lovin’ it!! I can really drill into my music. I created a bookmark for a specific set of tags, but now I want to see which albums have the most tags. The only way I can seem to get a count by album is to export to Excel.

Is there another way to do this?

I don’t believe so. Incidentally, I’m just curious … why do use wish to know?

I think you’re right, no way to do it in roon.

As far as the purpose: I have a set of tags that I applied to many tracks. I wanted to which artists & which albums had the most.

It’s super easy to do in Excel with a pivot table…just wanted to see a count in roon.

Yes I get that, but what is the benefit, purpose if you will, of knowing?

I’m asking as I’m struggling to see what practical purpose is it could be used for … and hence curious on how you use those figures.

Just to see what artists rise to the top. I’m constantly tagging tracks for ones I really like…if you asked me which artists I thought would rise to the top based on my tagging history, I could list a few no-brainers. But When I ran the numbers several unexpected artists showed up @ the top as contenders.

So, more of an exercise of curiosity than anything else.

Admittedly: kind of an odd thing to do. But I LOVE music and music-related stats based on my preferences.

Cool, thanks for insight… I love stats as well.

Can’t get enough stats! When I saw the Export to Excel feature I wondered what I might be used for.

Knowing which artists or albums have the least, or no, tags could help users know which are under-listened and to dig more deeply into a collection. Not that I’m saying this is my high priority. Just a suggestion.

Agreed…allows me to really dig in to my music.