Tag extraction Failed and screen goes blank with HDMI cable attached to LG TV

Hi I have a customer who had 300 or so files that were labeled Tag Extraction Failed and the question is how do we get those songs recognized by roon.

In addition for some reason Roon works as expected but when a HDMI cable is connected between the Windows PC with Roon and his LG TV Roon becomes a white screen? It is still visible from Roon Remote working on his Tablet.

Hi @Neal_Van_Berg ---- Thank you for the report and sharing the feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please supply us with a sample of media via a shared dropbox link that is failing to import due to the mentioned error message (i.e “Tag Extraction Failed”).

Furthermore, in regard to the to the second part of your post (i.e “…LG TV Roon becomes a white screen”) can you please confirm what graphics card is being used in the mentioned Windows PC and if all the graphics drivers are up to date.