"Tag Extraction Failed" on first track (over and over again)

When ripping CDs, Roon generally (but not always) shows “tag extraction failed” for the first track on disc. The skipped filed log shows a file size (generally around 380KB) that is much smaller than the size of the actual file. The only way to get Roon to scan/add the file is to rename the directory the file is in.

It seems like Roon is trying to index the directory as soon as it sees it created - and when that happens there is only a fragment of the first track.

My config below:

Roon Version: 1.5 (build 363) (64 bit)
OS: Windows 10
Roon Core: Custom PC (i7-7700 w/ 16GB RAM)
Music Stored: Synology DS718+ 4TB Raid 0 (wired network connection)
Collection Size: 40K tracks
Ripping Software: dBpoweramp
Router: RT-AC3100 (firmware updated Nov 2018)
Switch: TP-Link TL-SG1024DE

Are you ripping the files into a watched folder ie one that roon is actively monitoring for new files?
If so that is the problem. Rip them into a temp directory and then move them into roon or stop roon monitoring the folder then rip then re-monitor.