Tag Group Icons Show Multiple Same Album Covers, Not Generic CD Icon

I’d like to submit a small feature suggestion/request. Today, when you view your Tag groups from the main Tag page, the 4x icon shows four pieces of album art from albums in the Tag group. But when those albums all have the same album art (including ones where album art is embedded directly in the FLAC files), the 4x icon will only show one instance of that album art rather than showing multiple instances of the same image. Instead it shows the album art image once in one square then the other squares in the 4x are replaced with the generic CD icon, which honestly isn’t very attractive.

For example, I have a Tag group of 9 albums, 8 of which all have the same album art embedded w/in each one of the directories (as folder.jpg) and in each FLAC file. Here’s what I see in the Tag grouping:

Instead of the 4x view in the upper left showing only two pieces of album art, I would like to request that it show four even if three of them are the same file/art, rather than only showing one instance of the shared piece and instead showing the generic CD icon.