Tag Management and Removal


I re imported this box , previoulsy I had created a Tag “The Brahms Edition” the correct name of the set

Later I deleted the Tag , there are several issues

  1. I can no longer create a Tag of the same name even though the previous Tag has been deleted

  2. The Old Tag remains on the album page , but when clicked on I get


Obviously but there is no way to remove it and the clutter it causes

So I have to create a “less accurate” Tag name to allow this to exist but cannot get rid of the old one

There is a need to allow clean up and re-use of the Tag names , we need o be able to remove the redundant tag from the Album Page

The only reason for messing around like this is the poor box set handling capabilities of Roon I may add

Try rebooting your core. Sometimes tag cleanup, especially if it there are a large number of them gets, in my words, “hung up”, and a reboot of the core usually fixes things.

I reboot my core twice a day sometimes 3 times depending how much electricity we are allowed :smiling_imp:

This is a long term problem, it’s been reported before and there is no apparent fix for it !!

The big issue is how to remove old tags from a album, as I prevaricate on whether to have a big box in or out , I have to create a new slightly different Tag name , but then can’t remove the old one eg


I would prefer the Left Hand one but I have used it before , so I have to create a new one (RH one) they both stay you can’t delete the old one


Thanks for fixing my Typo - Any thoughts on this issue , its probably a feature request TBH , but its also to do with how you check for duplicate tag names on creation of a new one . If a Tag name has been used , deleted it should be OK to use again but there must be some history stopping it in the checking code !!

Not my area I’m afraid (this is a product (core) issue rather than a metadata one per se). I also moved it to support in case it’s just a plain old bug.

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