Tag / metadata editor

I wish Roon would include an easy to access and easy to use tag editor / metadata editor. Maybe when clicking the three dots, put it under the “edit” button as a choice?

In addition to “prefer Roon” and “prefer File” as options under the Metadata Preferences tab, include “Custom’ as a third option.

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I like that Roon EXPLICITLY does not touch your files. In my opinion it should be kept that way in Roon. There are a myriad of very accomplished metadata editors out there.

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@Neil_Russell is just asking that external editors could be reached with a menu choice in roon with (I assume) the music loaded for easy access. He’s not asking for Roon itself to edit or touch the files. I’d like to see this too. I use Yate for all metadata editing and would love to have a one button click to get to edit.

Ok understood. I missed that.

I use Yate as well and it’s great. However, I rarely use Roon on the machine where I use Yate… :slight_smile: I “author” my physical library in my home office machine and then use chronosync to replicate that drive to my mac mini running Roon core.

I do see what you want though.

My assumption here was that since you have full control of your file tags, custom and file is effectively the same. In what situation do you envision them being different?

I have a possible solution for you:
When you look at “View File Info” (from the dots on the right of a track), you can “Copy File Path to Clipboard”. Then you open Yate, and do File>Open Path in Clipboard. This is pretty close to what you want.

My physical organization of my local files is:

[Source]/[Album Artist]/[Album]/

[Source] can be: CD (rips); HDTracks; Qobuz; … that is, where I got the album from. The rest is self explanatory. My point is that an album is always in it’s own directory (I would expect most people have this organization at the album level).

If you set Yate in album mode (File>Open Mode>Album Mode) then when you “Open Path in Clipboard” the whole album will open in Yate (which is what I would want at least, as there are many metadata properties I want for the whole album).

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I’ll give it a try…thanks!