Tag missing over ROON ARC

Description of Issue

Tagging is missing over ROON ARC. I almost tagged my 6K albums now missing in ARC.
Please help to enable in ARC.

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Hi, @Pravin_Ebenezer_N, thank you for the report. Could you, please, illustrate with a screenshot the issue are seeing in Roon ARC?

I should point out that TAGs browser will not be available in Roon ARC, but you can still use TAG filters for browser.



hmm: if you have once in a while a free minute, listen to what your customers think about such a bold statement…while you try to explain them, that Roon user-experience is different between on-site (at home) vs off-site (abroad) usage. Why such a limitation? Tags are nothing more than yet some other data you could easily synch like all the other bits you synchronize. It does not make sense at all without a propper explanation!

Thank you for your feedback, @Stefan_Mauron. I will pass this to the product team.



Tags not being in the my library section is a huge miss for Arc in my view. When I started using Roon, I bought into using tags to organize my music in a big way. My most common listening is to select a tag and shuffle.

Please fix this! It seems like this is pretty basic functionality, and it’s definitely left me feeling like Arc doesn’t truly allow me to experience Roon away from my home.

Just curious, why can’t you choose an artist, then an album, then play it? I guess we all use different methods for listening. I like to listen to an album, then let Roon Radio carry it from there.